Still confused which one is right for you ?


I already have a Company/Firm registered.

Does your business setup have
the superpowers of a company?

Your startup

Psychometric Superpower

It represents you in your absence and learns things about you through it. PAN acts as an identity proof for all business forms.

Possession Superpower

This superpower enables you to possess any location and validates it for your work. Shop Establishment license is mandatory to set up any work premises.

Intangibility Superpower

This superpower helps you to trade intangible activities. Without it, you will not be able to provide any service. Service Tax registration is mandatory once sales exceeds 9,00,000/- in any given F.Y.

Omnipresent Superpower

This superpower enables you to move among countries without any restrictions. IEC registration becomes important in case of import and export of goods.

Spark Superpower

Spark helps you to kick start anything. Without it, you cannot start a company. DIN is the entry point to start any company.