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ABOUT SSI and MSI Registration

Industries of any size (small/medium/large) are recognized as the engine of growth for any country. These industries can be classified into two categories where one is the manufacturing industry producing goods pertaining to any industry with the help of plant and machinery and the other is service industry which renders services.

Due to large scale development in all the industries, both the Central and State Level Government are increasingly undertaking development initiatives thereby giving rise to external economies, creating a ground for development of industries to promote local production, innovations and competing in the global market.

The government supports industries of various sectors through policies for Infrastructural Support, Technology Up-gradation, Preferential Access to Credit and Reservation of Products for exclusive manufacture in some sectors and so on. For availing such benefits one has to take the respective registration depending upon its investment in the business and on its state laws.

FINMART assists you in capturing these benefits and reaping out profits from such unexploited dimensions of the economy.


Any sovereign entity who wants a subsidy from the government related to specified projects are eligible for this registration.

Required Documents

Documents required vary from state to state basis and on the type of subsidy the user wants to avail. Hence we request you to please drop in your details at FINMART and let us assist you.


Small Scale Industries are those industries where the investment in plant and machinery or Investment in Equipments is worth up to Rs. 5 Crore in case of Manufacturing Sector or Rs. 2 Crores in case of Service Industry. The small scale industries help in generating employment opportunities and thereby help in decreasing the rate of unemployment in the country. Small Scale Industries also help in reducing poverty, boosts up the exports and reduces import of goods to some extent.
Medium Scale Industries is those industries where the plant and machinery or Investment in Equipments is above Rs. 5 Crores and upto Rs. 10 crores in case of Manufacturing Sector or above Rs. 2 Crores and upto Rs. 5 Crores in case of Service Industry.
SSI stands for small scale industry. So, basically if you have a small scale industry or business, then you should have it registered and get an SSI license. You are eligible to obtain an SSI license as long as the investment in plant and machinery is less than Rs. 5 crore.

Even though there is no statutory basis for SSI registration, organization normally get registered to avail some benefits, incentives or support given either by the Central or State Government.  A SSI registration essentially is a certificate that allows you to draw on various benefits such as:

  • Priority sector lending (easy loan availability).
  • Excise and Direct Tax Exemptions (save on taxes).
  • Power Tariff Subsidies (cheaper electricity for your business).
  • Getting financial assistance from various Nationalized Banks and Financial Institutions.
  • For participation in Govt. Purchase Program.
  • Protection against delay in payment from Buyers and right of interest on delayed payment.
  • Reservation policies to manufacturing / production sector enterprises.
All classes of enterprises, whether Proprietorship, Hindu undivided family, Association of persons, Co-operative society, Partnership firm, Company or Undertaking, by whatever name called can apply for the registration and get qualified for the benefits provided under the Act.
A Medium enterprise engaged in the manufacture or production of goods has to compulsorily register under the MSMED Act. For other Enterprises the registration is discretionary or optional. Owing to the benefits available under the Act, it is recommended that every enterprise shall opt for the registration.
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