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Required documents

ABOUT Shop and Establishment License

This license is a state based license and is to be obtained under the Shops and Establishment Act enacted by the respective state in which the shop or establishment has been set-up. All the commercial establishments are required to apply for registration usually within 30 days of commencing work in such establishment by applying in the designated form state wise. Being a regional license the process may vary state-wise.

FINMART comes to the aid of the user by assisting him in the timely procurement of such license so that no obstacles are faced by the user in commencing with the business operations.


All commercial establishments are required to obtain a shop establishment license.

Required Documents

This is a regional license and the documents required vary state-wise.


The license requirement is a pre-requisite object of the Shops and Establishments Act, which is essentially for the welfare of the employees in the unorganized sector who work in shops or establishments.
Any commercial establishment- any office, cafe, restaurant, or any other commercial establishment would be covered under the legislation and hence is require to apply for the registration of the such establishment, usually within 30 days of commencing work in such establishment.

The Act requires that employers must maintain such registers and records, as are required by the State Government, in the premises of the establishment.
The document requirement varies on the basis of type of establishments. a proprietary firm needs to give an undertaking, a partnership firm would have to additionally attach the deed or partnership, etc. So depending on the type of your establishment, TEAM FINMART will inform you what documents are required to be attached.
No. Professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, CA, etc are not required to obtain Shop Establishment License.
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