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Required documents

ABOUT Services Tax Return Filling and Advisory Services

The liability to pay service tax on taxable services has been placed on the service provider except in few cases @ 12.36%

Every assessee who has registered for service tax is required to submit a return on half yearly basis in form S.T.3 (in triplicate) along with copies of T.R.6 challans. Returns are to be filed irrespective of whether the assessee has provided taxable services in the period or not. A single service tax return is sufficient for assessee providing more than one taxable service.


All registered individuals/ sovereign entity providing taxable services are eligible for Service Tax Return Filing Advisory.

Required Documents

The documents needed vary from case to case. Let FINMART understand your needs and assist you in documents requirement.





Due Date

Online Payment

Offline Payment

Individual/ Partnership


5th of the Following Quarter

6th of the Following Quarter



5th of the Following Month

6th of the Following Month

However, the payment for the month of March should be done on 31st March by both the categories.

Every person defaulting to pay the tax or any part thereof to the account of the Central Government within the stipulated period; shall pay simple interest at the rate of 18% per annum from the date of such default.

Due date of filling return is on half yearly basis for all assessee:



April to September

25th October

October to March

25th April

Revised return can be filled within 90 days of filing of original return.
Yes. Electronic filing of service tax return has been made mandatory for all assessee with effect from 1st of October, 2011.



T.R.6 challans

Forms for deposit of service tax

Form S.T.3

Form wherein every assessee has to file the return of service tax even in cases of nil liability. It can be revised within 90 days.

If a person fails to furnish in due time the return which he is required to furnish then he shall be liable to penalty which is as follows:

In case of default or delay in filing service tax return on due date, penalty shall be attracted at the below tabulated values. The maximum penalty payable by the assessee would not be more than 20,000/-

Duration of Delay


0-15 days

Rs. 500

15-30 days

Rs. 1000

More than 30 days

Rs. 1000 +Rs. 100 per day beyond 30 days

FINMART through its extensive experience in handling Service Tax consultancy services provides the service of Filing of Service Tax return in form ST-3 on half yearly and monthly basis, deposit of monthly service tax of its clients. Finmart analyzes the new service tax provisions and maps the same with the Company business operations to identify areas of improvements and suggest indicative solutions thereby improving tax efficiency. We ensure reduction in overall cost of handling compliance work with sustained quality and smooth co-ordination with the service tax authorities.

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