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ABOUT Statutory Registers

Statutory books and records are documents maintained by a company in the form of books or e-form or in such other form as may be determined specifying the important aspects of the operations and structure of an organisation. The records are kept up to date and necessary adjustments are made to reflect any changes that have taken place within the company. As per law, company statutory records should be kept at its registered office and should be available for inspection by directors, members of the company and by other persons like government authorities and creditors of the company. Failure to keep accurate records is a statutory offence and can lead to penalties and have significant commercial implications.

Under the Companies Act, 1956, a company is required to maintain certain statutory registers and records. 

  • Register of Investments not held by company in its own name
  • Register of fixed deposit under Acceptance of Deposit Rules, 1975
  • Register of Securities bought back.
  • Register of Charges.
  • Register & Index of Members including foreign members.
  • Register of Debenture holder
  • Minutes of General and Board Meetings
  • Cost Records
  • Register of Contracts in which Directors are interested.
  • Register of Directors, Manager and Secretary.
  • Register of Directors’ Shareholding.
  • Register of Inter Corporate Loans & Investments.
  • Register of Renewed & Duplicate Share Certificate.


Apart from these there are some other registers and records, the maintenance of which are not statutorily required but is essential for the smooth, efficient and systematic functioning of the company.

  • Register of Share Application & Allotment.
  • Register of Share Transfer/ Transmission and share warrants.
  • Register of Dividend.
  • Register of Power of Attorney/Probate etc.
  • Register of Bank Account Particulars.
  • Register of Electronic Clearing Service.
  • Register of Fixed Assets.
  • Register of Proxies.

FINMART team with its panel of experienced Chartered Secretaries assist you with the maintenance of holding and updating these registers in manual form, or in electronic form using FINMART’s Secretarial database.


Every Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and now under Companies Act, 2013 is required to maintain the requisite Registers.

Required Documents

The documents needed vary from case to case. Let FINMART understand your needs and assist you in documents requirement.

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