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ABOUT Pan Card

What is PAN Card ?

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric number, issued in the form of a laminated card, by the Income Tax Department. This is the permanent account number which is unique to every PAN card holder. In case of change in name or address, one must apply for relevant changes, but the PAN number remains valid for life. PAN enables the department to link all transactions of the "person" with the department. These transactions include tax payments, TDS/TCS credits, returns of income/wealth/gift/ FBT, specified transactions, correspondence, and so on.

A typical PAN is AAAPS1234B (example) the significance of each character can be decoded as: The first three are alphabetic series running from AAA to ZZZ, the fourth character represents the pan status, fifth character represents the Pan holder's last name, the last five characters are random alphanumeric characters.

The status of the card holder falls under any of the below categories:
C — Company
P — Person
H — HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)
F — Firm
E — Limited Liability Partnership
A — Association of Persons (AOP)
T — AOP (Trust)
B — Body of Individuals (BOI)
L — Local Authority
J — Artificial Juridical Person
G — Government


  • Any person who has never applied for a PAN can obtain a PAN
  • Every taxpayer or persons who are required to furnish a return of income, either on behalf of self or others, must obtain PAN
  • Person carrying the intention to enter into economic or financial transactions where in quoting of PAN is mandatory must obtain PAN
  • Even non-resident, minor, lunatic, idiot, and court of wards and any other such persons can obtain PAN through Representative Assessees
  • The Assessing Officer may allot PAN to any person either on his own or on a specific request from such person

Required Documents

(A) Proof of identity
Copy of,

  1. Elector's photo identity card or
  2. Ration card having photograph of the applicant or
  3. Driving license or
  4. AADHAR Card issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India

(B) Proof of address
Copy of the following documents of not more than three months old,

  1. Electricity bill or
  2. Landline telephone or broadband connection bill or
  3. Water bill or
  4. Consumer gas connection card or book or piped gas bill or
  5. Bank account statement

(C) Proof of date of birth
Copy of,

  1. Birth certificate issued by the Municipal Authority or any office authorised to issue Birth and Death Certificate b y the Registrar  of Birth and Deaths or the Indian Consulate as defined in clause (d) of sub-section (1) of section 2 of the Citizenship Act, 1955 (57 of 1955) or
  2. Matriculation certificate or
  3. Passport or
  4. Driving license


PAN identifies you as a tax paying citizen of the country. The PAN is a national identification number which can be used at various places to identify oneself. The Indian Income Tax department uses PAN to monitor financial transactions.

As per the new regulatory norms, both resident as well non-residents Indians and international companies having no establishment in India, are required to have a PAN, and provide a copy of their PAN card while carrying various types of financial transactions.

It is mandatory to quote PAN on return of income, all correspondences with any income tax authority. From 1 January 2005 it will be mandatory to quote PAN on challans for any payments due to Income Tax Department.

It is also compulsory to quote PAN in all documents pertaining to financial transactions notified from time-to-time by the Central Board of Direct Taxes. Some such transactions are:

  • Sale or purchase of any immovable property valued at five lakh rupees or more.
  • Sale or purchase of a motor vehicle or vehicle which does not include two wheels , inclusive of any detachable side-car having an extra wheel, attached to the motor vehicle.
  • A time deposit, exceeding fifty thousand rupees, with a banking company or Post Office Savings Bank.
  • A contract of a value exceeding one lakh rupees for sale or purchase of securities.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Making an application for installation of a telephone connection (including a cell phone).
  • Payment to hotels and restaurants against their bills for an amount exceeding twenty five thousand rupees at any one time.
  • Payment in cash for purchase of bank drafts or pay orders or banker’s cheques for an amount aggregating fifty thousand rupees or more during any one day.
  • Deposit in cash aggregating fifty thousand rupees or more with a bank during any one day.
  • Payment in cash in connection with travel to any foreign country of an amount exceeding twenty-five thousand rupees at any one time.

The following categories of persons are not required to obtain or quote PAN:

  • Persons having only agricultural income and do not have any taxable income. Such persons will file a declaration (Form 61) in respect of transactions where quoting of PAN is mandatory.
  •  Non-residents
  • Central Government, State Governments and Consular Offices in transactions in which they are the payers.
Yes! If you don’t have PAN, you may not conduct many financial transactions. However for some transactions, you can use Form 60 and Form 61 as an alternative. It is not mandatory for non-resident Indians and farmers to quote their PAN if the transaction is below Rs.50, 000. 
Obtaining or possessing more than one PAN is against the law and may attract a penalty up to Rs 10,000. Therefore it is advisable not to obtain/possess more than one PAN. If you have more than one PAN, you should surrender the unused PAN.
While PAN numbers are used for tax filing, the PAN card is not. The PAN card is just a physical representation of the PAN. You can provide photocopies of the PAN for various purposes rather than give the original.
Yes, application for fresh allotment of PAN can be made through Finmart. Further, requests for changes or correction in PAN data or request for new PAN card (for an existing PAN) may also be made through Finmart.
  • Individual applicants will need one recent, coloured photograph (Stamp Size)
  • Document must be supplied as proof of 'Identity' ‘Birth’ and 'Address'
Yes. It is mandatory to submit Proof of Date of Birth as a mandatory document for new PAN Card, Changes/Correction in PAN Card and Re-issue of Lost/Damaged PAN Card.
  • Individual applicants will need one recent, coloured photograph (Stamp Size)
  • Document must be supplied as proof of 'Identity' ‘Birth’ and 'Address'
A photograph is compulsory only in case of 'Individual' applicants.
In such cases, Left Hand Thumb impression of the applicant should be affixed on Form at the place meant for signatures and gets it attested by a Magistrate or a Notary Public or a Gazetted Officer, under official seal and stamp.
Only father's name is required to be filled in the PAN card application (Form 49A). Female applicants, irrespective of marital status, should write only father's name in the PAN application.

Affix your photograph on both top corners of the application form, Sign/Left Thumb impression (MANDATORILY in black ink) across this photo on the left hand side of the form and Sign/Left Thumb impression (MANDATORILY in black ink) within the box provided in the right hand side of the form. After completion of affixing photo and Sign/Left Thumb on the application form attach photocopies of supporting documents (proof of identity, proof of address, etc) and send it to FINMART.

Section 160 of IT Act, 1961 provides that a non-resident, a minor, lunatic, idiot, and court of wards and such other persons may be represented through a Representative Assessee. In such cases, application for PAN will be made by the Representative Assessee.
In such cases,

  • In the application for PAN, details of the minor, lunatic, idiot, mentally retarded, deceased, wards of court, etc. should be provided.
  • Details of representative assessee have to be provided in item 14 of the application for PAN.
Through the Acknowledgement number given to the user from Finmart, the user can track pan card status. The status report updates the user right from the allotting of PAN Card number to the delivery of pan card. Hence the user can verify the dispatch details (shipment number, courier agency, parcel number, expected date of delivery) of his PAN card through the dashboard.
The department sends it via India speed post (Govt courier) service. It comes with a consignment number that can be tracked online to see the status of your shipment. In case of special request arrangement can be made to ship it using FEDEX, DHL, UPS, etc; however if there are any extra costs, then it would be borne by the applicant.
The user gets continuous updates from Finmart at each stage of its application processing. Hence there are very rare chances that the user will have to worry regarding his application status. In exceptional cases, the user can reach to Finmart through the unique dashboard facility provided to the user.
As this is a Government process, quoting a guaranteed time frame is difficult. However from the past experience, we notice that it takes between 15 to 20 days.
Our adviser understands your case in depth and provides you requisite forms and advises you on what documents are required to be provided and help you fill the forms. You send these documents to us which will be checked thoroughly by our expert staff for errors and coordinate with you for corrections. We then submit your documents to the PAN centre. A copy of acknowledgment receipt is sent to you, along with an option of tracking the status of the same on your dashboard where you can track your case status online. Simultaneously, we keep following-up with the department so that your case is processed on an expedited basis.
Unfortunately, the Govt of India does not offer an urgent service to NRIs, as checking records of NRIs takes time, which in turn easily takes a minimum of 15-20 days. However, we try to get your processing done on an expedited basis.
An applicant only pays taxes in India if he/she makes money in India. If you do not make money in India then you don't pay taxes here. Having a PAN does not necessarily means that you need to pay taxes. You only pay, if you accrue income in India.
No you don't. Once you have a PAN, its good forever.
No. You do not have to pay any such fee.


  • Lost the Pan Card
  • Damaged the Pan Card
  • Wants to change from old to new tamper proof PAN card.

You have to submit the following documents with the application form:

  • Two Passport size photographs
  • Proof of Issuance of PAN card (POP) 
This application should be used when PAN has already been allotted, but when data associated with the PAN (e.g. name of applicant / father's name / date of birth / address) is required to be updated in records of ITD. A new PAN card bearing the same PAN card details but updated information is issued to applicant.

One should make an application when he/she wants to make some changes or corrections in their existing PAN details such as:

  • Change in applicant name, on account of marriage or due to spelling mistake
  • Change in father's name
  • Change in date of birth
When you have a PAN but have not received your PAN card or lost your PAN card, then you are just a click away from getting your PAN card. Finmart understands the hassles that are involved in obtaining an updated PAN card or getting a new pan card in case of lost pan card. Hence the user merely has to drop in the pan card application on FINMART, submit the asked documents and leave the rest of the formalities on FINMART.
PAN as the name suggests, is a permanent number and does not change during lifetime of PAN holder. Changing the address or city, though, may change the Assessing Officer. Such changes must, therefore require correction in PAN databases of the Income Tax department. These requests will have to be made in'Request for New PAN Card Or/And Changes In PAN Data'
  • Two Passport size photographs
  • Proof of Identity (POI) 
  •  Proof of Date Of Birth (POD)
  • Proof of Address (POA)
  • Proof of Change of Name (POC) 
  • Proof of Issuance of PAN card (POP) 

Apart from the documents which are required in case of application of PAN Card, the following supporting documents are required for changes in PAN data:

Sr. No.

Case / applicant type

Document acceptable


Change in name: change of name on account of marriage

Any one of
a)Marriage certificate 
b)Marriage invitation card 
c)Publication of name change in official gazette 
d)Copy of passport showing husband’s name


Change in name: Individual applicants - change of name on account of reasons other than marriage.

Publication of name change in official gazette.


Change in father's name

Publication of name change in official gazette.


Change in name: Companies

Registrar of Companies’ certificate for name change.


Change in name: Partnership firms

Revised Partnership Deed.


Change in name: AOP/ Trust/BOI/AJP

Revised registration certificate /deed or agreement as applicable.


Change in date of birth: Individuals

Relevant proof of identity having correct date of birth.


Change in date of incorporation/agreement/partnership or trust deed/formation of BOI/AOP

Relevant proof of identity having correct date of incorporation/agreement/partnership or trust deed/formation of BOI/AOP

PAN as the name suggests, is a permanent number and does not change during lifetime of PAN holder. Changing the address or city, though, may change the Assessing Officer. Such changes must, therefore require correction in PAN databases of the Income Tax department. These requests will have to be made in'Request for New PAN Card Or/And Changes In PAN Data'

Any one of the following documents can be submitted as Proof of PAN card:

  • Photocopy of PAN card
  • Photocopy of PAN allotment letter

If any of the above proofs of PAN card is not available, then also the application will be accepted on a 'Good Effort' basis.

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