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Required documents

ABOUT Annual E Filing

Annual filing includes e-filing of audited financial statements like Balance sheet(adopted at the AGM), Profit and loss account, Annual return of company having share capital, annual return of company without share capital.

The due date for filing the financial statements (balance sheet and profit and loss account) along with compliance certificate is 30 days from the date of Annual general meeting, whereas for e-filing of annual returns the due date is 60 days from the date of Annual general meeting. In situations where AGM is not held, from the date when the AGM should have been held will be taken into account.

Annual compliance includes filing the following e-forms:




For filing Balance Sheet by all Companies, within 30 days of AGM.


For filing Profit & Loss Account by all Companies, within 30 days of AGM.


For filing Annual Return by Companies having share capital, within 60 days of AGM.

In case of delay in filing returns on time with the ROC, penalty is charged based on the period of delay.


Every Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and now under Companies Act, 2013 is required to file Annual Return.

Required Documents

The documents required for E-filing of returns are as follows:

  1. Audited Balance Sheet.
  2. List of Shareholders.

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