About FinMart.com®

FinMart.com® is an innovative endeavor from The Financial Supermarket®. The Financial Supermarket® is a Financial Advisory Group constituted by well experienced Financial Consultants based in India providing verticals based on Advisory, Debt, Outsourcing and Records Management. The Financial Supermarket® is in professional practice since 2002 and is incessantly growing to a broader customer base. With internet technology taking the centre stage, The Financial Supermarket® envisioned FinMart.com® as a 360° online Financial Advisor to not only Residents but also for Non Resident Indians.

The Financial Supermarket® is positioned to grow in tandem with the dynamic requirements of an enlarging audience. A congregation of experience of 2000 human years in varied financial advisories and with the aid of a young as well as experienced team, we take pride in serving 4000+ SME clients, 300+ emerging Corporate. This was possible through our widely spread network with 2 International Offices, 4 International Off-Shore Locations, 7 Indian offices and 108 associated offices across every district in India. Reputation of our company is tailored with a balanced blend of hard-core professionalism with a disciplined work culture.

FinMart.com® is an effort to bridge the gaps that exist between financial interpretations and its application. FinMart.com® caters its bouquet of services to user based on their requirements. The user categories are classified as Student, Salaried, Self Employed, SME Business, Corporate and Non Resident Indians to ensure judicious use of our customer’s time. FinMart.com® is ready to take away your financial dilemma regarding Start-Ups and Registration, Registration and Licenses, Returns and Tax Advisory, Debt Syndication, Agreements and Legal Advisory, Corporate Advisory, International Taxation and Other Allied Corporate Laws, Subsidy Advisory and Management Audit.

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